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Meet the Team

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History of Coley Church

History of Coley Church

ST John's Church Community:
Not Just a building

When our Christian faith is challenged we must speak out. We demonstrate our faith in our lives by living through Christ and showing how much the cross means to us. We know that the cross is empty because Christ has risen.

You don't need faith to join us - you just need an interest in what we offer, faith will come in time.

We are sinners just like everyone else. We aspire to overcome the "holier than thou" image so often perceived as part and parcel of faith. We have the same needs and the same faults as everyone else and strive to be open, friendly and caring. Many people are searching for greater meaning in existence and need more of God in their lives.

We are a community of friendly people challenging the stereotypes of 'church' in everyday situations.


Getting to Know God

Thought for the Moment

Often people do not think about the existence of God or a relationship with God until there is a crisis in their life, for example bereavement, job loss, illness.

At that point, many people say a prayer of one kind or another, but at St John's we believe that a relationship with God is for all times and not just emergencies.

The Church Hall

The Church Hall, built in 1884, seats 110 people, and has been recently refurbished. It is used as a Parish Centre. The premises have one main hall, suitable for many different functions. There are two smaller rooms, one of which can be further divided into two rooms. There is a main kitchen at one end serving the main hall and facilities for tea or coffee making by the smaller rooms at the other end of the building.

For more information please contact Julie on 01422 203528