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Chancel and Sanctuary, Coley

Newly Formed Parish, 2002

Coley Church, a Grade II listed building

Bulamba - Our Link Parish

Our diocese has links with the diocese of Mara, in North West Tanzania.

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As a parish we have been linked with Bulamba, a vibrant parish in Mara, since 2002. It was originally one of the five churches under Karukekere Parish and was made a full parish in 2001.
The village is located near the eastern shore of Lake Victoria about 100 km from Musoma Town and about 35 km from Bunda Town. The village covers an area of 24 square kilometres and has a population of around 18,000 people, with approximately 3,000 households.

During the last eight years, exchange visits have been arranged between the people of Coley and Bulamba. As a church, we have been able to assist our fellow Christians by praying for them, providing bibles, completing the church buildings, construction of the pastor's house, paying school fees, providing desks and water tanks for clean water collection as well as for the three schools, providing eight ploughing oxen, mosquito nets, and provide each homestead with trees for shelter, firewood and animal fodder.

In 2009, Coley church provided funding for 240 desks to be produced in Mara. The official handing over of the school desks donated for Bulamba Primary School was on Friday the 13th of June 2009. On behalf of Coley Parish, Bishop Hilkiah Omindo Deya (the Diocesan Bishop) handed over 80 school desks, each with a seating capacity of three pupils. Over 800 pupils and the school staff witnessed the ceremony. The village Government, on behalf of the Bulamba community, received the donation with great joy.  The Media journalists and the TV people were there and their national Newspaper "TANZANIA DAIMA" dated the 15th of June 2009 printed the story. The TV also broadcasted the news.

Quote from a girl in Std V “from now I will be coming to school everyday because my skirt will be clean and my mum won't complain about buying me a piece of soap every day because of the dust".

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